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In this section there are a series of toy theatres, predominantly from Poland, fitted with backcloths of coloured board around 40 x 30cm in size, and characters constructed like rod puppets, around 20cm (30, with the rod), with head and limbs in papier mâché. 

One arm is manipulated with a small iron rod. 

The  tales featured are full of princes, dragons and knights: among others there are The Elephant’s Child by  Rudyard Kipling, containing all the animals described (other than the main character, the Parrot, the Snake, the Hipppotamus and the Crocodile). These little theatres were used either by children or for educational purposes in schools. 

There are also some Italian theatres of the 1940s, roughly 50 x 40cm, in thin plywood covered in coloured paper, with curtains, wings and backcloths.








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