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This section comprises thirty items, mainly from Palermo, among them a Rinaldo of 1890 with a richly embroidered costume and workmanship betraying a mixture of various styles (the head, fist and the construction of the armour are Palermitan, while the legs are Catanian) and an unknown character, which was transformed by Podrecca and used as  Radames in Verdi’s Aida

A Catanian Orlando of 1880, some beautiful examples of Neapolitan puppets, such as ‘La Luciana’, belonging to the company of Luigi Di Giovanni of Naples (from the Circle of the Camorra), a rare puppet in armour, and some delightful Catanian toy puppets from the middle of the twentieth century. 

It is a small collection, yet its components are very varied,  also old, and mostly in excellent condition. 

The collection contains ten playbills, Sicilian, Pugliese and Neapolitan, dating from the middle of the nineteenth century to our own times.





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