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This section comprises one hundred scripts for puppet and marionette plays dating from the end of the nineteenth century on. 

Mainly in manuscript,, they belonged to famous Italian companies, from that of the Turin marionettist Luigi Aimino (1880-81. Garibaldi and the three hunchbacks, among others), to the Pallavicini family (Napoleon at the Battle of Marengo, Christopher Columbus), to the Genoese marionettist Giovanni Pavero (From the Dolmech oracle), to the puppeteer Oliviero Salici (The Seduced Woman of 1922, Samson, Giovanni Stofel, called Cavalentino, of 1900). 

The authors of many scripts are still unknown: among these are Fagiolino the poet, Filippa’s parrot (1914), Sandrone king of the mamelukes (perhaps belonging to Ferrari), The ninety-nine misfortunes of Facanąpa, Arlecchino and Facanąpa returning from their studies in Padua (1931) and The Calabrian Brigands - Mysteries of the night (1940).







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