Making the puppets        




Maria making  the Chorus for Antigone


on the set of the short film, 

Largo al Factotum

(from the Barber of Seville )

directed by Ferdinando Cerchio (1947)

the dragon and the knight

for Little Puppets by A. Casella






Maria contructing a plaster model for a mask,Rome (1950s)

the construction of the Greedy Dragon


Maria during a tour to Paris






Maria costructing the doll for the

  Boite à joujoux


Maria shaping a papier-maché head for Romeo,  

  Romeo and Juliet


with her puppet Romeo 




in her studio, Maria creating a daisy  for 

The Waltz of the Flowers (P.I.Tchaikovsky)


Maria creating puppets for

Dante's Inferno


Maria with her puppets, Rome


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