M. Signorelli with some of the  


exhibited at the Galerie Gurlitt, Berlin (1932)

M. Signorelli on the stage set she designed for La giovinezza di Leopardi [Leopardi's early years] A.Panzini, 

Teatro dell'Università. Roma, (1939)

Her house in Rome: the entrance






Wedding photograph: on left. F. T.Marinetti, 

Luigi Volpicelli and Maria, G. Bottai and 

Admiral Thaon de Revel (1939)

M.Signorelli with her children making the head  

for Totonne the giant (1948)

The house in Rome:

the stairs to the studio





Her house in Rome:

the studio

Signorelli with the actors  

The Crow by C.Gozzi. (1949)

Signorelli with, from left: Scilla Brini, Lina Wertmüller, Matteo Spinola; 

on tour in Sardinia (1951)



M. Signorelli with Sergej Obraztsov 

and his wife Olga. Moscow (1950s)

Maria with her children and the actors for the play

The discovery of America (1951)

Her house in Rome:

the drawing room




Her house in Rome:



Rehearsals for Peter and the Wolf (1952)

M.Signorelli at a UNIMA Congress. 

From the left: Antonio Bronsil, Rector of the Rudolfinum, Max Jacob and Jan Malik, respectively president and secretary, 

Praga (1957)


M. Signorelli with A.Testa during  rehearsals for Futurist Pantomime (1977)

M. Signorelli with the actors during  rehearsals for Alice


M.Signorelli during a workshop in Carrara with P. Veroli (standing) and her daughters (1984)

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